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A legendary brand for a legendary staffing company. Learn how we helped a company with no name create a fun, engaging brand in less than a month's time.

Brand identity
UI Design
Web Development

Not your typical staffing company...

As legend has it, TalentYeti was born from two staffing legends John Perton and Israel Swanson. Both saw a need for a better staffing company. This company would search far and wide for the best and brightest amongst us, the mythical TalentYetis. They would help guide these TalentYetis to the perfect job opportunities using their vast network of relationships and their partnership with the ATS Brightmove.

TalentYeti Home Mockup

The Brand Identity

What's in a name

When a client comes to us with a new business idea, the first question we ask is, "What's the name?". The name of your company can be many things, but at the end of the day it's the name you have to sell your hopes and dreams on. When a client doesn't have a name, the first thing we do is go through a name discovery process. The goal of our name discovery process is not to dictate the name per se, but to help the client discover a name they would be proud and excited to move forward with. We do this through conversation, questions, research into the target market, and collaborative feedback. We vetted over 50 different names for TalentYeti. One thing we learned about the staffing industry is that there are tons of similarly named companies and not a lot distinguishing one from the other. Through many conversations with the TalentYeti team, we finally found a word that we all gravitated towards, Yeti. A Yeti is a mythical creature that inspires the words search, power, and uniqeness. After a few variations we landed on TalentYeti. We further qualified the name by checking domain and social media availability. Once everyone finished high-fiving each other for discovering such an awesome name in a sea of boringness that is the staffing industry, we turned on our creative switch and delivered a professinal, fun, playful, and engaging brand design in just under three weeks.


Weeks Name Discovery


Week Brand Design


Names Vetted


Logo Rounds


Weeks To Delivery

See the process

Read the final brand identity document and see the journey for yourself.


The Website

UI Design, Website Development

Building a high quality website in a week is not a simple task. For some agencies using pre-existing templates makes the most since here. You take the content and wedge it into the template and you're done. What's produced is a generic over-the-counter look and feel that gets roped in with all the other businesses in the same industry. That's not the quality the Hammock Creative team strives for. We prefer to tackle each product with fresh visuals and fresh code. For TalentYeti, the process was no different. We worked with our talented marketing team to craft a fun, playful, and engaging story. The visuals and content were than designed around this story. The final product was anchored by a solid Wordpress backend with a custom administration panel, and integration into TalentYeti's preferred ATS system Brightmove.

See it live

Visit and experience the final product. Whether you're searching for legendary talent, or a legendary job, they've got the tools to help you find what you're looking for.


The Deliverables

Human-Centered iterative designed solutions


Brand Identity


CMS Driven Website


Weeks Start To Finish


Scope of Work

Logo Design
Branding Strategy
Visual Identity and Assets
Marketing Materials
Brand Guidelines
Content Strategy
Website Designs
Website Development
Wordpress Development
Business Name Discovery

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