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Cobble & Hyde

High Quality Handcrafted Leather Men's Shoes

Find out how we partnered with Netrocon Digital and helped this amazing shoe company increase their sales with a mix of engaging user experience and strong marketing strategy.

UI Design
UX Strategy
Web Development

Amazing shoes, not so amazing sales...

If you're selling products online, you're going to a need a platform to do so. Outside of third party sources like Amazon or Etsy, having your own e-commerce website can be a great investment for your online sales. It gives you the ability to add your own brand identity to the shopping experience and engage the customer on a deeper level. However, not all e-commerce websites are created equal, and more often than not the out of the box Shopify or Wix templates don't do enough to showcase the products or fail to convert the sale due to poor user experience. For Cobble & Hyde, we took a step back and totally reenvisioned their online shopping experience. We asked for higher quality product shots so users could really see the exceptional craftmanship that went into each shoe. We added more product shots of people wearing the shoes to add a human element to the buying experience. We improved the craftman's story by dedicating a page to the process of making these fine shoes. Finally, we improved the shop and product pages by adding faceted search and better product shot angles. We did all this using a custom implementation of Woocommerce. The results were an immediate increase in sales and a major decrease in bounce rates.

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The deliverables

Human-Centered iterative designed solutions

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Experience the new redesign and if you're in the market, purchase a great pair of shoes that will last you a lifetime.



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