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A Modern Vault for Modern Families

SecureAppy is the safest, fastest way to share information that is private with your families and close friends

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What's in a name

One of the biggest challenges with starting a new product is finding a name that fits not only the product goals, product features, and competitive industry, but also a name that is unique and can be remembered. Many times, we see products go out with very long or overly complicated names and from the start, it creates issues with brand awareness. Sometimes, the names are so specific that it creates challenges in other ways. Originally, SecureAppy was called ShareAccounts because that's what it does. It allows users to store private information, like passwords and account information, and share them with family and close friends. SecureAppy uses a military-grade, end to end encryption to safely store the private information on the user's mobile device rather than storing it in the cloud where it can be hacked. To share, it uses a similar method to Snapchat that only allows the information to be in the cloud long enough to be received by the recipient. It is the best private modern vault on the market, and it's completely free.

Interestingly enough, when developing a mobile app you also have to take into consideration the corporate approval process of Apple and Google. Since our approach with SecureAppy was to first develop for IOS and test the market, we first submitted to Apple for approval. However, apple felt the name ShareAccounts put them into a legal conflict. So after multiple rounds of name discovery, SecureAppy was born. It's a play on the combination of Secure + Happy + App. Once the name was discovered, it was time to build a colorful, fun brand to support it. Once we had our brand, we dove in and designed a beautiful, simple, and engaging user experience and finished it all of with a fun, modern landing page to drive users to the download store. The app is already at 1K downloads and climbing every week, and we continue to support the project through UX research and iterative design.

SecureAppy Modern Vault

Brand Discovery and Design

Simple, Colorful, Fun

Designing a brand identity for any type of software application is always a fun challenge. The mark of the logo for software products has more importance than in non-software related brand designs because it is how the product will be recognized in the app store. Many times we see word logos or ligatures that have a really hard time transitioning into the digital space because of the size constraints that come with creating the app store icon. With SecureAppy, we wanted to leverage a diverse color palette as well as create a visual, that symbolized it's a primary goal of safely storing private information and then making it easy to share that information securely.

SecureAppy UI Guide

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The UI - A note taking app with snapchat like sharing

UI Design, User Experience Design, Mobile App Design

With the brand completed, it was time to solve for the UI. The main goal of the UI was that we used consistent patterns and made the transition from creating information to sharing information seamlessly. We leaned on a few existing patterns that we were familiar with using. We looked at note-taking apps, todo apps, and popular media apps like Netflix and Hulu. Ultimately, we landed on a cross between a note-taking app and Snapchat. This combination proved to be a perfect balance and allowed the users to quickly create private information and easily share this information with close friends and family.

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A modern vault for modern families. The best way to store and share private information with family and close friends

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