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Love One More

To sponsor a child means to write their future in your handwriting

A heartfelt brand and website for this amazing nonprofit to help their mission of making life better for children in need.

Brand identity
UI Design
Web Development
Online Donations

Changing the world takes team work.

Working together with the marketing agency Netrocon Digital and the nonprofit Indian Gospel Leage, we were able to design and deliver a great brand identity and user experience for LoveOneMore. We provided the design, art direction, brand research, web development, and project management. Netrocon Digital provided the content strategy, copywriting, and marketing strategy. Together we created something wonderful, and with the hard work by the team at IGL, thousands of lives will be changed for the better.

Love One More Brand Presentation

The Brand Identity

Trying to standout in a busy landscape

Nonprofit brands can be seen everywhere. If you look around during your daily activities there is a good chance you will see at least one major nonprofit advertisment. Usually these advertisements are aimed at informing you of the nonprofit's cause and trying to encourage you to get involved. The brand identity of a nonprofit has the opportunity to be a catalyst for great things. So when Netrocon Digital approached us about building the brand identity for a nonprofit that helps children, we were extremeley excited for the oppportunity to design something that would have such a positive impact.

Our approach began with lots of research. We found that the majority of nonprofits which focused on helping children used similar imagery. That imagery usually leveraged clip-art style hands in the air, hearts, balloons and stick figures. From our research, we knew that in order to make the brand identity standout, we would have to use a different design approach, while still staying close to market expectations. Our final design, took the actual words LoveOneMore and converted them down to basic symbols. We used bright colors and added shadows to give the symbols a slight bubble effect. The final result is a lasting heartfelt mark that can stand on its own and be recognized anywhere in the world.


Logo Concepts


Color Schemes


Weeks To Delivery

Love One More Brand Presentation
Love One More Brand Presentation With Color
Love One More Product Shots

See the process

Read the final brand identity document and see the journey for yourself.


The Website

UI Design, Website Development, Online Dontations and Donation Management

Anytime we are tasked with building a website, we always ask the question, "What is the best technological solution for the product?" We consider many things such as time to build, scalability, and portability. We did research multiple online donation solutions and decided that in order to build the seemless donation experience that we believed would be best for the product, we would need the ability to customize the experience. We settled on building a custom WordPress theme that leveraged a donation plugin called "Give". Using the plugin, we were able to build a very quick donation experience that also included a custom donation management experience. The theme also included features to manage the sponsored children's profiles, as well as campagin management, one time donations, reporting and exporting of donation data.

Love One More Brand Presentation
Love One More Brand Presentation
Love One More Brand Presentation
Love One More Brand Presentation
Love One More Brand Presentation

See it live

Visit and experience the final product. Sponsor a child and make a difference


Our toolbox for this project

Human-Centered iterative designed solutions

Adobe Illustrator
Sketch App


Scope of Work

Logo Design
Branding Strategy
Visual Identity and Assets
Marketing Materials
Brand Guidelines
Print Materials
Website Designs
Website Development
Wordpress Development
Donation Management System

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